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Deviance Teaches; Charm Will Make You Sick

location Sweatshop Gallery

Sweatshop presents:
deviance teaches; charm will make you sick
an exhibition curated by Alex Priest

Opening reception Friday, March 06, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs March 06 - April 27, 2015

Angela Drakeford
Carolyn Falkner
Sara Sumnick Wamsat
Millee Tibbs

"Horror suggests a desire to understand and value deviance; to be suspicious of fundamentals and appearances; and to let the norm be weirded by exception...horror reorients one to the notion that what exists is not necessarily all that might be.”
'Horror in Architecture' (2013)
Joshua Comaroff + Ong Ker Shing

'deviance teaches; charm will make you sick' recognizes a potential in the general panic felt throughout our over/under stimulated existence. Caught between the sensational and banal, instability frames realities where horror is normative and fear is paralyzing – creating façades where internal thoughts are disjointed from outward poise. Like the Trojan Horse, these situations are rich for investigation.

The deviant hide treacherous interiors where forms are re-invented and psychological shadows provide illumination to crippling truths. What are these masked figures digesting the mania of shifting circumstances? These perverse and often peripheral subjects speak toward the condition of our de-familiarized anxiety ridden world. Deviance is a vortex for new worlds to emerge; worlds divorced from judgements of presented exteriors, that challenge the facsimiles of normalcy. Looks can certainly be deceiving.

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