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Petshop Presents: 'The 1%ers' - New work from Ben Swift

location Petshop Gallery

Petshop invites you to the opening reception of "The 1%ers" - new work from Nebraska artist Ben Swift, during Benson First Friday, March 6th, from 7pm-10pm.

In his words:

Thanks to programs like “Sons of Anarchy” - outlaw motorcycle gangs are in the american pop culture as much as the super-rich are in movies like “Wolf of Wall Street”. Wealth, power, and corruption exist in both worlds, and my “The 1%ers” series imagines a world where the “gangs” of the upper 1% are as open and colorful as their counterparts. I have created paintings, prints, and artifacts of this world, in an attempt to document the concepts of secret clubs and societies, corruption, power, brutality, racism, cronyism, nepotism, and outlaw attitudes like “above the law” “untouchable” and “to-big-to-fail”.

“The 1%ers” doesn’t stop at simply prodding the super-rich of Wall Street, but also other industries and power structures that exhibit the qualities of corruption and arrogance. I have written information for each piece, explaining the connections, symbolism, and concept behind the composition. I started working on this series in early 2014, and in my research into motorcycle clubs, I came across Jeff Decker’s collection of real motorcycle club jackets, which he exhibits as a folk art collection. I was inspired by this to create my “artifacts”.

As much a “The 1%ers” series is a critique of culture and power, it is also a tongue-in-cheek exercise in pop-art, and meant to make people think, and perhaps be amused by the relationship and similarities between the extremes.

Ben Swift - 2015

Ben Swift is an artist and designer living in Nebraska. He earned his BFA at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His work has been shown across the US, and is in collections internationally.

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