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Walk The Night

location 3837 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131

The ghosts of Hamlet haunt this estate. Who will you follow?

Generously sponsored by The BLUEBARN Theatre, Walk the Night brings you an immersive theatre experience never before seen in Omaha.

If Hamlet’s tragedy took place within the span of one night, in the 1930’s South; if Hamlet were
possessed by the ghost of his father that night; if those spirits of the dead were doomed to walk the
night, until their own foul crimes were burnt and purged away--just as Hamlet’s father before
them; until… In present day, Horatio, descended from the illegitimate child of Ophelia &
Hamlet, visits the home of his ancestors. The home, now owned by a mysterious proprietor and
its spiritual mediums, is the location of a yearly party. Horatio attends the party, participates in its
seance, and becomes possessed by these ghosts, reliving their haunted story.

The house is the theatre, the house is the stage. There is no “off-stage”; no stopping; no
intermission; no pauses. There are no seats. As an audience member, you attend the party, a masquerade seance, and choose which character to follow, which story to see.

Want to see more? Discounted double-feature tickets allow audience members the ability to follow a different character and see the story from a different perspective.

Recommended for ages 16+

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